Hello! I am Teacher Lovelle

I have a question for you.
Do you have difficulties in learning English like trying so?hard to speak yet ineffective, frustrated in reading the text yet does not comprehend what you read, tasked to write but end up writing a mess and listened to English speaker but gets nothing at all ?

Well, worry no more because teacher Lovelle will help you overcome those problems and together let's make learning fun, interactive and easy.

I'm a licensed English teacher and I have been an ESL teacher for more than a year now. I've taught English with creativity and passion which leads me to make teaching full of activities in connection to 21st century teaching. And it will surely enhance the skills of the learners.

So before I leave, let me leave you a quote saying "Never stop learning because life never stops teaching"쟔o dial #010 8536 7812, mention my name and enroll for my class. Let's learn and have fun together.

See you and goodbye! Have a great day ahead.